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3 min readFeb 12, 2022

Partnership Announcement

BlockDesk Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with amazing Youtuber KryptosChain.

KryptosChain is a prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain Youtuber!


As a key industry influencer, KryptosChain has established a well-respected reputation among peers and is a source of valuable information in many blockchain circles. He maintains strong relationships with key industry leaders, and it is safe to say that KryptosChain has his finger on the blockchain pulse.

The KryptosChain Youtube channel features educational content, tutorials, reviews, interviews, and news media, including:

  • NFT Project overviews,
  • Crowdloans, parachain auctions, and token launches,
  • Gaming and metaverse reviews and guides, and
  • Deep dives into top altcoins, market trends, and emerging projects, to name a few.

Equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, KryptosChain offers professional and expert advice to his vast audience. He has a rapidly growing Youtube channel backed by growing Twitter and Telegram communities.

Building community trust is a priority, and KryptosChain prides himself on continuous improvement and learning to provide the best possible information to his audience, in turn, continuing to elevate his reach and exposure.

BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures is a strategic investor with a vision to help decentralization and freedom in financial operations by powering the most innovative projects in the industry. BDV has successfully eliminated financial barriers in accessing presales with their FREE token-less system.

A unique, community-driven platform with ZERO entry fees, offering access to allocations based purely on community engagement.

BlockDesk Ventures offer their community:

  • A FREE tiered system.
  • Exclusive access to projects thoroughly researched and vetted by BlockDesk Ventures to ensure the same conditions as private capital.
  • Opportunities to apply for community and marketing roles.

BlockDesk Ventures investment portfolio has rapidly expanded to include ~

  • Cardstarter
  • HydraSwap
  • KSM Starter
  • CoinsPaid
  • Equilibrium
  • Metaverse X
  • Luxy
  • MetaMall
  • Paragen

BlockDesk Ventures + KryptosChain

With a shared vision of industry growth, the KryptosChain and BlockDesk Ventures partnership will offer mutual benefits and an innovative step forward in developing both community-based business models, expanding mutual networks, and providing the opportunity to reach new exciting audiences. BlockDesk Ventures and KryptosChain will collaborate to boost the success of each other, invested projects, and associated communities.

An exciting partnership we hope to strengthen and develop for a prosperous future.

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