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4 min readMar 3, 2022

Partnership Announcement

BlockDesk Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with LATOKEN.

LATOKEN is a blockchain protocol and platform for creating and trading asset tokens!


Launched in August 2017, LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focused on liquidity for new digital assets. Having entered the CoinMarketCap Top 20 in March 2019, the driven team behind LATOKEN boast the following milestones:

  • 2+ Million registered accounts,
  • 1+ Million Android Users,
  • More than 2.8 million subscribers on social networks,
  • 280+ placements since 2017,
  • Over 1000 crypto pairs available for trading with new pairs added weekly,
  • Low trading and withdrawal fees.

Besides crypto trading, eligible LATOKEN holders can participate in selected Token Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Security Token Offerings (STO) are also available on the LATOKEN crypto exchange.

Other features of the LATOKEN Platform include:

  • Instant exchange (LA DIRECT),
  • Advanced trading features,
  • Crypto/fiat gateway.

What is the LA Token?

$LA is the main cryptocurrency and governance token of the LA Token platform. It is listed on seven exchanges, including HitBTC (Top 10) with intentions to list on other major industry exchanges to continue to expand the tokens reach.

As a key industry exchange, LATOKEN has established a well-respected reputation across the blockchain industry with its access to popular tokens, ease of use, built-in launchpad, staking opportunities, and the newly beta-tested NFT market. A key component of the LATOKEN exchange is their Industry-specific TV network called LATOKEN VCTV. A Venture Capital television network, accessible across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The network offers a range of content focused on education, technology, and entrepreneurship within the blockchain industry. Hosting key industry leaders, projects, and education segments, LATOKEN VCTV provides essential information on the latest industry trends and projects, streamed live to an audience of 2.8+ million users.

LATOKEN VCTV features:

  • Project overviews/analysis,
  • CEO meet and greet/discussions,
  • Gaming and metaverse content and project reviews,
  • AMA’s, and
  • Various worldwide content that is relevant to the cryptospace.

Equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, LATOKEN VCTV hosts provide professional and expert content to ensure the network's rapidly growing audience has their finger firmly on the crypto pulse.

Community and user base are a high priority, and LATOKEN has developed a leading-edge platform with access to some of the hottest new projects to hit the industry. With highly curated content, the platform is striving towards continuous improvement and growth, while fast becoming an industry leader.

BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures is a strategic investor with a vision to help decentralization and freedom in financial operations by powering the most innovative projects in the industry. BDV has successfully eliminated financial barriers in accessing presales with their FREE token-less system.

A unique, community-driven platform with ZERO entry fees, offering access to allocations based purely on community engagement.

BlockDesk Ventures offer their community:

  • A FREE tiered system.
  • Exclusive access to projects thoroughly researched and vetted by BlockDesk Ventures to ensure the same conditions as private capital.
  • Opportunities to apply for community and marketing roles.

The BlockDesk Ventures investment portfolio has rapidly expanded to include ~

  • Cardstarter
  • HydraSwap
  • KSM Starter
  • CoinsPaid
  • Equilibrium
  • Metaverse X
  • Luxy
  • MetaMall
  • Paragen

BlockDesk Ventures + LATOKEN

With a shared vision of industry growth, the LATOKEN and BlockDesk Ventures partnership will offer mutual benefits and an innovative step forward in developing both community-based business models, expanding mutual networks, and providing the opportunity to reach new exciting audiences. BlockDesk Ventures and LATOKEN will collaborate to boost the success of each other, invested projects, and associated communities.

An exciting partnership we hope to strengthen and develop for a prosperous future.



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