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4 min readDec 30, 2021


The world's first VR Metaverse Retail Experience!

Enter MetaMall - Virtual Retail 3.0!

The team at BlockDesk Ventures is proud to announce our latest strategic investment - MetaMall! A unique Metaverse-based retail experience, named by industry professionals as Retail 3.0.

MetaMall is a virtual skyscraper and Metaverse-based platform that will allow users to interact and engage with the biggest brands of the future in a VR First world, from the comfort of their homes.

Successfully merging Virtual Reality, Non-Fungible Tokens, and Decentralised Finance, the MetaMall Metaverse will operate on the Solana network as a DeFi based, tokenised, VR-driven Crypto MegaMall!

The Team

The MetaMall concept was created and is in development under the superior leadership team comprised of serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder Serge Gianchandani and Sahan Ray, well-known IIT, and IIM Alumni, Unicorn business lead, and Co-Founder.

Introducing MetaMall

MetaMall is THE next-gen, virtual retail experience. Mixing Virtual Reality and real-life utility, MetaMall will provide users an unfathomable retail experience with customisation options and previously unimaginable features addressing the individual personal needs of the modern retail crypto consumer!

Powered by the Solana Network and utilising DeFi, NFTs, and VR technology, the MetaMall Metaverse will provide users with an unmatched virtual world experience. The MetaMall is a VR Shopping, Lifestyle, and Experience Zone that converts everyday tasks like shopping, socialising, and business interactions into an immersive experience powered by VR technology.

While exploring the virtual skyscraper, token holders can expect to own and manage various types of Real Estate, Hotels, and other retail areas.

MetaMall has a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens and uses the token ticker $MALL.

What is Retail 3.0?

Retail 3.0 will include 4 key areas:

  • Ownership
  • Leasing
  • Advertising
  • Staking

“VR Real Estate SkyScraper Metaverse built on Solana powered by NFTs.”



With the three key attributes detailed below:

  • Built on Solana Network
  • Cross-chain compatible wallet
  • Built-in DAO to facilitate Legal interactions via Smart Contracts

MetaMall will offer token holders the ability to:

  • Buy, sell and lease virtual Real Estate
  • Build, enhance and sell Real Estate as NFTs
  • Provide an ideal environment for business interactions and social networking
  • Offer multiple streams of income, both active and passive
  • Offer a highly secure, decentralised virtual world
  • Access virtual events, stores, games, and galleries
  • Offer next-gen VR product positioning and advertising opportunities

Metamall’s mission is to create the…

“VR Real Estate Economy”


At the time of writing, the project is in its conceptualisation and fundraising stage, due to spring into the New Year with the very first MetaMall Real Estate NFT Sale as the roadmap progresses!

Roadmap Highlights:

Q4 2021
Metaverse Conceptualization

Q1 2022
1st MetaMall Real Estate NFT Sale
NFT Marketplace Launch

Q2 2022
Staking Launch
NFT Platform Launch

Q3 2022
Launch of First 5 floors of MetaMall
Open VR ToolKit for developers

“VR Real Estate SkyScraper Metaverse built on Solana powered by NFTs.”


As strategic investors, BlockDesk Ventures’ main goal is to assist others so that we can prosper together in the crypto universe. The innovative minds behind MetaMall share this vision, and we look forward to a lucrative, successful enterprise.

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