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3 min readNov 16, 2021

Partnership Announcement

BlockDesk Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with RedHat Capital.

RedHat Capital is a Chinese investment institution focusing on decentralised finance-based blockchain tech projects.

RedHat Capital

Boasting an extensive professional network of organisations, KOLs, influencers and promoters, RedHat demonstrates an ongoing commitment to developing the blockchain industry by working closely with partner projects and striving for success in every endeavor.

As an industry leader and innovator, RedHat Capital has established and maintained a number of mutually beneficial working relationships with key launchpads and exchanges across the industry. It is common for organisations across this network to pool resources on occasion to increase efficiency.

Collaborators include projects such as:

  • LaunchZone,
  • SuperLauncher, and
  • AscendEx, to name a few.

With a highly-skilled team of industry veterans, RedHat’s Core Team is equipped with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, offering a range of professional services and expert advice to developing projects.

Notably, the RedHats marketing team is also comprised of experts in community building, community management, translation services and advertising.

RedHats Portfolio is extensive, including notable projects such as:

  • Nakamoto Games
  • Acknoledger
  • Meta Spatial
  • Binemon
  • Realm
  • BlockPad

RedHat Capital is one of the largest, most prominent and influential Telegram Channels in the Chinese Telegram community. With a rapidly growing, broad reach, their main telegram channel has over 22k members. Building community trust is a priority and RedHat prides itself on successful, ongoing collaborations with more than 10+ Chinese communities, elevating their reach and exposure in excess of 150k members across the well-developed network.

BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures

BlockDesk Ventures is a strategic investor with a vision to help decentralization and freedom in financial operations by powering the most innovative projects in the industry. BDV has successfully eliminated financial barriers in accessing presales with their FREE token-less system.

A unique, community-driven platform with ZERO entry fees, offering access to allocations based purely on community engagement.

BlockDesk Ventures offer their community:

  • A FREE tiered system.
  • Exclusive access to projects thoroughly researched and vetted by BlockDesk Ventures to ensure the same conditions as private capital.
  • Opportunities to apply for community and marketing roles.

BlockDesk Ventures investment portfolio has rapidly expanded to include ~

  • Cardstarter
  • HydraSwap
  • KSM Starter
  • CoinsPaid
  • Equilibrium
  • Metaverse X
  • Luxy

BlockDesk Ventures + RedHat Capital

With a shared vision and passion for accessible strategic investments. The BDV + RedHat Capital partnership is an innovative step forward in developing our community-based business model, expanding our network and reaching new exciting audiences. BlockDesk Ventures and RedHat will collaborate to boost the success of projects and associated communities.

As with all partnerships, this will ensure priority access to Tier 1 projects for our community.

An exciting partnership we hope to strengthen and develop for a prosperous future.



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