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3 min readApr 10, 2022

BlockDesk Ventures is delighted to announce our first Strategic NFT Partnership — SysPunks.

Allow us to introduce SysPunks!

SysPunks is the first official NFT project on Syscoin’s NEVM (Network Enhanced Virtual Machine) by OGs (Original Gangsters) for OGs. SysPunks are friendly neighborhood punks on the Syscoin Network building a strong community from the ground up. The background colour of your punk indicates its status, just like the OG punks. SysPunks is all about building community first, as well as, providing value.

Currently, NFTs are the hottest thing in the crypto universe and they are rapidly gathering interest, reach, popularity and value. SysPunks will take the energy of the NFT space into Syscoin NEVM.

What is Syscoin?

Syscoin is the only smart contract blockchain which is using merged mining with Bitcoin. Merged mining with Bitcoin allows the energy being spent on Bitcoin (the most secure blockchain) to be recycled to secure Syscoin as well. This approach enables miners to receive SYS along with Bitcoin without losing any hash power. This means SYS is not spending any additional energy and also has Proof of Work security making it the only green, efficient and secure blockchain in the industry. Satoshi Nakamoto first wrote about this idea of merged mining, securing other chains along with Bitcoin just a few days before he was never heard from again. Merged mining makes Syscoin the single most decentralised, secure, smart contract blockchain, currently in existence.

To further solve the issues blockchain faces, the SYS team is building Layer 2 and enabling ZK rollups to improve throughput of transactions and scalability. Recently, Syscoin launched their highly anticipated NEVM and their first DEX, PegaSys. Following the imminent launch of their Layer 2 protocol, it is expected that widescale adoption of the token will continue to increase.

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What is SysPunks?

SysPunks has official support from the Syscoin Community as its first Major NFT Project on the OG, smart contract enabled blockchain. SysPunks is currently in the process of whitelisting their NFTs and are also rewarding SYS Masternode owners with excusive whitelist spots!

Launching a dedicated marketplace so you can list and bid your punks, SysPunks are also speaking with LUXY about a potential early launch on their highly anticipated NFT Marketplace. LUXY will also launch on Syscoin as their second featured network, after their launch later this month on the Polygon Network!

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If you want to get your hands on your very own SysPunk then join our Telegram Group or Discord on the links below and follow the instructions to win your very own SysPunk Whitelist spot!



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