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3 min readDec 24, 2021


YouTube Co-Host — George Hill

Introducing BlockDesk Ventures New YouTube Co-Host, George Hill!

BlockDesk Ventures is excited to announce our new dedicated YouTube Co-Host, George Hill!

Who is George Hill?

Born in 1994 in the United Kingdom, George was raised in an entrepreneurial family who exposed him to various cultures and life perspectives while growing up abroad, residing in various countries, including Japan and Spain.

With a deep passion for learning, George has developed a keen interest in multiple endeavours. Key business interests include crypto, trading, investing, online business, composing electronic music, traveling, and more recently he has taken an interest in becoming a talk host for BlockDesk Ventures.

Currently, based on the outskirts of London, George works from home and spends the vast majority of his time committed to learning and developing skills in the crypto and blockchain industry. He is excited to be involved in the business development of new projects, assisting with meeting target growth milestones and goals, with a special interest in metaverse affiliated endeavours.

The BlockDesk Ventures YouTube Channel

Originally created and named after BlockDesk Ventures founder, Crypto Beast, the BlockDesk Ventures YouTube channel has undergone various changes. Starting out as a cryptocurrency blog, the channel was rebranded in January 2021 when the Crypto Beast community officially transitioned into BlockDesk Ventures — the tokenless, investment platform.

Offering members 100% FREE access to Tier 1 Blockchain investment allocations, BlockDesk Ventures single-handedly revolutionised the crypto investment industry, closing the gap between big business and retail investors, offering opportunities never before seen to everyday investors.

As BlockDesk Ventures increased its portfolio in size, the Youtube channel has expanded and evolved into a place to find the latest news and trends in the cryptospace. On top of this, the channel has recently established itself as a reputable education platform for all investors of varying expertise and knowledge.

Providing real-world, current, and relevant industry information, the addition of George Hill to the media team will ensure BlockDesk Ventures will continue to deliver high-quality, appropriate, trending content!

The team at BlockDesk Ventures is incredibly excited to welcome our new Co-Host and we are excited to build on our already established channel while delivering targeted content, relevant to current industry trends.

As strategic investors, we have one goal, to assist others so that we can prosper together in the crypto universe. George Hill shares this vision, and we look forward to continued success and growth.

George Hill joins the BlockDesk Ventures media team as an official BDV YouTube Channel Co-Host, delivering the most current news and education to audiences worldwide.

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Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!



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