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The Cloververse team is thrilled to announce its official Partnership with Black Magic Network!

GameFi is overtaking DeFi at a rapid rate!

With gamers taking up one third of the total population today, the industry cannot be ignored. Further, in an unprecedented move, research has shown that despite the massive boom the DeFi industry has enjoyed in recent years, GameFi is now rapidly outpacing DeFi in growth, popularity and new adoption, forcing the need for infrastructure to support the growing blockchain gaming demand.

GameFi users currently take up a minor 1% of the overall gaming industry. As mainstream adoption grows, industry experts expect this figure to increase exponentially at a rapid pace.

What is Black Magic Network?

Black Magic Network (BMN) is a comprehensive DAO Governed Gaming Metaverse platform powered by the BMC Token, $BMC.

BMN is more than just a DAO, it is an ecosystem that is made up of key features, including many different play-to-earn games developed in-house, a DEX aggregator, wallet and a launchpad platform.

Why Black Magic Network?

Each part of the ecosystem represents sources of revenue for the DAO. This revenue then enables the DAO to develop new games in-house, incubate third-party play-to-earn projects, acquire more NFTs and aggressively market to encourage mainstream adoption.

Essentially offering a multichain, all-in-one, complete financial gaming solution wrapped up in a neat app. Unlike popular gaming platform Steam, BMN provides content and the infrastructure to both lead and support the multifaceted nature of the blockchain gaming industry during this key growth period.

It promotes the development of world-class blockchain games by supporting developers through its development programs, incubation and crowdfunding.

Game enthusiasts will be able to:

  • Buy NFTs
  • Trade tokens
  • Recruit scholars
  • Participate in early launchpad token offerings
  • Play play-to-earn games
  • And much more

The partnership!

The Cloververse x Black Magic Network partnership brings huge utility and functionality to both ecosystems to provide heightened exposure to each project through both organisations’ highly developed industry networks. With a joint focus on community and the mutual goal to innovate the blockchain gaming industry, both projects are well aligned to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Cloververse will be listed on the Black Magic Network as a featured play-to-earn game while also utilising the platform to facilitate NFT sales.

Sharing a passion and vision for blockchain gaming, Cloververse is thrilled to partner with the Black Magic Network to help shape and lead the GameFi industry in offering new, exciting and innovative gaming experiences.

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