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2 min readDec 28, 2021


BlockDesk Ventures is excited to promote Shez and welcome her as the newest member to join the Core Team!

Shez was the very first member to join our Gunslingers team and quickly became instrumental in managing the community, social channels and the primary writer of our Medium articles! BlockDesk Ventures wanted to recognize valuable contributions, willingness to help and just being an awesome team player and promote Shez to a member of the Core Team where she will be able to continue growing professionally and use her multiple talents to the full extent all the while helping BlockDesk Ventures to grow its reach and achieve new milestones.

Shez lives in Australia, has a strong 20+ year career background in emergency services, law enforcement, management, desktop publishing, fitness and various other specialisations. Shez has been interested in Crypto and Blockchain since 2016 and started getting involved by spending recent years learning to try and become a more successful investor. She has been continuously adding crypto and Blockchain qualifications to her tool belt and is currently completing a qualification in bitcoin, trading and blockchain.

By lucky coincidence, at the start of 2020 Shez came across the BlockDesk Ventures YouTube channel with educational Blockchain content and decided to join our family.

Quote from Shez:

“Thanks to the members of this group and the BlockDesk community, I have tripled my crypto portfolio and learned how to make smart and more successful investments.

I’m still on a journey to learn and be the best that I can be, but I’ve come so far and I owe it to this community.

I don’t think learning ever stops in crypto or Blockchain because it is still so new and the potential is huge.”

So from the whole BDV team and community we welcome you onboard the core team!

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