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3 min readNov 22, 2021

Dear Community,

As you know, BlockDesk Ventures recently held an AMA with Bradley Stephenson, Public Relations Lead for the eagerly anticipated Luxy Project. For those who didn’t have the chance to follow the AMA live or would like a recap, please find a brief summary of the session below that took place on Tuesday 9 November 2021.


The AMA started with a brief introduction of the Luxy Team. Bradley explained the diverse backgrounds of the project members. Core team members include professionals from Elint and Pollum — the biggest blockchain solutions developers in Brazil, as well as some other members of the Syscoin Foundation.

The Luxy project has many excellent partners and some top-notch influencers in the NFT space including NFT well known collector, StrongHands. The Luxy Team spans the globe with members based in Australia, The Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal and North America with multiple international partners.

Moving on to discuss the inspiration for the project, Bradley explained that the Luxy Team was born because each member recognized the real need for a better NFT experience for everyone, including creators, designers, gamers, musicians, projects and enterprises. They believed there was a much better way to share art, music, gaming items, and the value behind them and so we have Luxy, a solution to address long-standing issues and a variety of needs.

The Big News!!

The IDO is just around the corner, 👀 taking place on multiple platforms that were revealed recently as KSM Starter, Polylauncher and Axion! The date for the IDO is November 30th. Tokens purchased in the public IDO will have no vesting or locking periods, and there will be a liquidity pool and farming opportunities. To date, the seed, private, and community rounds have completely sold out.

The LUXY Token is a deflationary utility asset with the following key tokenomics:

🔹 Max supply of 100 million.

🔹 10% of all marketplace fees are used to buy and burn LUXY.

🔹 Burning events will continue until only 50 million LUXY remain.

🔹 Liquidity pool (LUXY/USDT).

🔹 Liquidity pool farming opportunities.

🔹 Seed: 2 months lock/10 months vesting.

🔹 Private: 1 month lock/6 months vesting.

🔹 Community-Private: 1 week lock/5 months vesting.

🔹 Tokens sold during the upcoming IDO will not be subject to locking or vesting.

🔹 LUXY owners will be able to participate in voting on new features, and will qualify for various discounts on the Luxy Marketplace with the ability to use the LUXY token to buy/sell NFTs.

What sets Luxy Apart from its Competitors?!

The key benefits of Luxy in comparison to some of its competitors are the outstanding user interface and experience, a strong focus on decentralization, community voting, multiple chains with extremely low fees, direct and split royalties and many more.

The Luxy website is a beautiful creation by the talented artists and designers on the team. Bradley was also able to confirm that a mobile application is in the pipeline and will be introduced to the project timeline on the updated roadmap!

Luxy will be announcing steps for community enthusiasts to enter their ambassador program. Good ambassadors can expect some nice perks! All to be announced in the coming weeks and months on their telegram channel. Stay tuned!

BlockDesk Ventures would like to thank the Luxy Team for joining their community for this exciting and informative AMA and we look forward to strengthening and developing our relationship even further.

~ The BDV Team

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