The world's first VR Metaverse Retail Experience!

Enter MetaMall - Virtual Retail 3.0!

The team at BlockDesk Ventures is proud to announce our latest strategic investment - MetaMall! A unique Metaverse-based retail experience, named by industry professionals as Retail 3.0.

MetaMall is a virtual skyscraper and Metaverse-based platform that will allow users to interact and engage with the biggest brands of the future

YouTube Co-Host — George Hill

Introducing BlockDesk Ventures New YouTube Co-Host, George Hill!

BlockDesk Ventures is excited to announce our new dedicated YouTube Co-Host, George Hill!

Who is George Hill?

Born in 1994 in the United Kingdom, George was raised in an entrepreneurial family who exposed him to various cultures and life perspectives while growing up abroad, residing in various countries, including Japan and Spain.

With a deep passion for learning, George has developed a keen interest in multiple endeavours…

The premier Metaverse project Launchpad has arrived!

BlockDesk Ventures is excited to announce their strategic investment in the worlds first Metaverse Launchpad - Paragen!

The team at BlockDesk Ventures is incredibly excited about Paragen and its far reaching potential with the rise of Metaverse based projects in both mainstream media and the blockchain industry.

As strategic investors, we have one goal, to assist others so that we can prosper together in the crypto universe…

Partnership Announcement

BlockDesk Ventures is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with RedHat Capital.

RedHat Capital is a Chinese investment institution focusing on decentralised finance-based blockchain tech projects.

RedHat Capital

Boasting an extensive professional network of organisations, KOLs, influencers and promoters, RedHat demonstrates an ongoing commitment to developing the blockchain industry by…

BlockDesk Ventures

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